2021 Leveling Point Ranges

AQHA Patterns

Click on the following link to see if your NRCHA membership current?

NSBA Show Rules:  The owner and exhibitor are also required to be current NSBA members in order to show in an event. Membership may be purchased at the show. At a Dual Approved or Special Event show, each set of points will require a show pass unless a membership is purchased. If a member does not have a card to present, a duplicate membership should be purchased.

Certificate of Eligibility - What is a Certificate of Eligibility? 

A Certificate of Eligibility is the NSBA registration and  is a requirement for horses being shown in any NSBA class, expect for Dual Approved classes. If your horse is already enrolled in NSBA's Breeders Championship FuturityColor Breeders Championship Futurity or Stallion Incentive Fund License Program, you already have a Certificate of Eligibility. If your horse is not already enrolled, you can receive the required certificate by registering with NSBA.

Click on the following link to register your horse with the NSBA:  https://www.nsba.com/registration

AQHBofSCV Watsonville  July 21-25, 2021

July 21st - Full VRH Show

July 22-25th - AQHA Show

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